Latest news regarding Golden Visas- The superiority of the Greek Golden Visa program is now more evident than ever

Following the recent scandals that came to life after investigations by Al Jazeera reporters regarding the issuance of Golden Visas by the government of Cyprus to investors who have a criminal record so that those investors could have legal protection as well as the right to travel in Europe, Cyprus decided to suspend the issuance of residence permits to third country nationals starting from 1st November 2020.Τhe European Commission has decided to take legal action against Cyprus on the grounds of abusing its Golden Visa Program.

In light of all those recent developments, the Greek Residence Permit Program continues with great success despite the obstacles that have arisen due to the pandemic.

Furthermore, holders of Golden Visa can acquire the Greek citizenship after staying in Greece for seven years as long as they fulfil the rest of the legal requirements. The investors’ children who are under 18 years old can also become Greek citizens on the condition that they have studied in Greek schools for a certain number of years.

Taking the aforementioned into account, as well as the low cost for acquiring a Greek residence permit, it becomes evident that the Greek Golden Visa program is the safest and most trustworthy choice for those who want to obtain an EU passport.

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