KCH Law firm

Since our inception in 1977, by Nikolaos Korobelis and Maria Korobeli – Chalari, we have dedicated ourselves to providing top notch legal services. KCH Law team comprises of highly-trained professionals who strive to provide impeccable services in a number of areas offering a wide range of expert advice.

Our long experience has made us gain a deep understanding of the needs of both individual and business clients both in Greece and abroad. We are able to identify the client’s real needs and provide sound and pragmatic legal advice.

Our strength comes from a combination of expertise and experience with foreign clients’ cases, not only Europeans but also third-countries citizens.

Particularly for our Chinese clients, our strength is the result of the deep understanding of Chinese business practices, Chinese language ability in our Firm, as well as an already built network that facilitates business and can cover a wide range of services.

Our team of experts and legal professionals is complemented by in-house high-quality notary services, allowing our clients to obtain a comprehensive expert service under one roof.

Languages spoken in KCH Law Firm: Greek, English, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese





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