The Greek Government has decided to increase the minimum investment amount for the Greek Golden Visa program from 250.000 to 500.000 euros.

This change will probably take effect within the next month. We wait for a new official announcement regarding the exact date and the transitional period. We do not know if this change will only apply to properties in certain locations.

The residence permits already issued will not be affected and can be renewed normally.

Greece is once again one one the most popular tourist destinations for Summer 2021

 greek islands

Following the official government announcement regarding the “reopening” of the Greek tourism industry on 14th May 2021 and the intensive preparations the Greek State is making for that opening, Greece is expected to be once again one of the most popular and safe tourist destinations of summer 2021. Let us look into the three main reasons why Greece is expected to be one of the top picks for foreign tourists.

  • Covid-Free Islands

The vaccination of the general public in Greece is progressing quickly. By the beginning of March, 18 small population Greek islands have already been labeled as “Covid-free Islands” as 100% of their population has been vaccinated against Covid-19 and have been deemed perfectly safe for tourists. By the end of March ten more Greek islands are expended to be added to the “Covid-free” list.

  • Vaccination of tourism industry workers

To ensure the safety of tourists, after the vaccination of the most vulnerable members of the population has been completed, Greece will give priority to the vaccination of 800.000 tourism industry workers.

  • Selective entry of tourists

Greece will only allow tourists who have been vaccinated or gained immunity after having successfully recovered from Covid 19 or have recently tested negative to enter the country.

Taking all of the above into consideration the future of the Greek tourism industry for Summer 2021 is looking quite promising.



KCH Law Office Energy Law Desk for Companies just started

We are happy to announce the launch of our Energy Law Department in our law office.

Through a network of expert lawyers and engineers we provide specialized legal & consulting services for the development of energy projects and the exercise of energy activities in the electricity, oil and natural gas markets, among others, in the following fields:  

  • • licensing of energy companies active in the production, supply, trade, distribution and transfer of electricity, oil and natural gas
  • • participation of producers, suppliers & traders in the new energy exchange markets
  • • development of wind & photovoltaic stations & acquisitions of project companies
  • • participation of renewable energy sources (RES) in the competitive bidding processes (tenders) & in the electricity market
  • • energy regulation & compliance
  • • energy arbitration & litigation
  • • energy transition & climate change policies

Check out our Energy Law page:

Amendments to the Residence Permit Application Procedure for the facilitation of foreign investors

Have you got a UK passport ?


Although the United Kingdom has left the EU, this does not mean that UK citizens and holders of a UK passport will no longer have the ability to continue living in Greece.

Greece’s new favorable tax policy to foreign investors


According to Article 2 of Law No 4646/2019, foreign tax payers who have transferred their tax residence to Greece can now benefit from an alternative taxation policy for the income they make abroad.


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